Fear G-d, and Keep His Commandments: For This Is the Whole Duty Of Man

To CS, (almost) Esq. We recently noted Rav Yehezkel Landau’s rejection of logic as goyish; I encountered this in the course of responding to a challenge of Rav Herschel Schachter, related to me by my friend Menachem Butler, to investigate the censorship of Rav Landau’s comments on the Talmudic injunction against הגיון (see below) in […]

Days That Live In Infamy

Rav Shabsi b. Meir Ha’Cohen (the Shach), in the course of justifying the choice of the Twentieth of Sivan for the commemoration of the massacres of the Khmelnytsky Uprising, claims that the date can never fall on Shabbas: על כן קבעתי לעצמי ולדורותי לבנים ולבני בנים. יום צום ותענית ואבל ומספד וקינים. ביום כ’ לחודש […]

Who Shall Live, and Who Shall Die

SiBaw muses: A Question of Morals and Ethics… There are many interpretation and arguments as to what is ethics and what is the origin of ethical reasoning. One common line of reasoning as taught in many professional and theological capacities is “the golden rule” or the ethic of reciprocity. Basically, one should treat others as […]