Cognitive Dissonance

In the course of this interesting discussion at אישים ושיטות over whether the arguably disappointing and unpleasant portrait of Rav Ya’akov Emden that emerges from his (ostensible) autobiography מגילת ספר is an argument (along with its somewhat unusual provenance) to doubt its authenticity, Wolf2191 notes that: Chayei Yehuda is the same kind of work as […]

Humros, Kabbalah and the Trinity

Which famous Gaon, one of the most celebrated Poskim of the nineteenth century, penned this? ידע כי אני איני נוהג שום דבר חומרא יותר מדלת העם ומהדיוט שבהדיוטים הלואי שיהיה חלקי לעולם הבא עם חד עמא דארעא הולך תמים ודל: Click here for the answer. Rav Shlomo Kluger, Ha’Elef Lecha Shlomo, OH:112 – link. This […]