Old Wine In New Barrels

From its inception, בין דין לדין has been hosted gratis by Freehostia. About a month ago, the blog finally outgrew the resource limits imposed on free accounts1, and it has become necessary to find it a new home.

Every crisis can be an opportunity, and we have therefore decided to realize a long-held aspiration to host the blog on our own hardware and software stack, under our complete control. After much elbow grease, the blog is now being served by lighttpd, running on a Buffalo AirStation WZR-HP-G300NH2 running OpenWrt (trunk). The AirStation’s hardware3, while superlative for its class4, is relatively puny by server standards, which will have at least some effect on performance; we hope to eventually transition to more powerful hardware.

Update: the blog has indeed been moved to the somewhat more powerful Seagate Go Flex Net (STAK100).

  1. 10 MB maximum MySQL database size. []
  2. With attached Western Digital Elements external hard drive. []
  3. Atheros Soc 9132 rev 2 @ 400 MHz, 32 MB flash, 64 MB RAM []
  4. Consumer grade wireless access point / router / switch. []