The Songs of the Prophetesses and Risky Circumcisions

I currently deliver a weekly lecture (usually two versions thereof) on topics related to the coming week’s Torah reading, and write a short weekly column on halachic topics related to the same (the latter is usually a condensed, written version of the former). I intend to begin posting these regularly here. For פסח, my weekly […]

Vivisection Revisited

In an earlier post, I cited Rav Eliyahu Kalatzkin’s deeply ambivalent attitude toward vivisection. Here are some other, generally more positive, views. The Shvus Yaakov The Shvus Yaakov1 discusses testing medicines for safety on animals: שאלה … אי מותר לעשות רפואה דהיינו להמית בהמה טמאה כגון כלב או חתול מפני ספק פקוח נפש לפי שאותה […]