Fighting Back Against Friendly Fire

Our previous post cited a ruling by R. Yitzchok Zilberstein allowing Jewish soldiers to shoot down an aircraft piloted by a Jew who had mistaken them for the enemy and engaged them: In one of the Israeli wars, an Israeli pilot was assigned a mission to bomb an enemy company of soldiers. The pilot flew […]

Women Behind the Wheel II: The Hardliners and Their Discontents

This post is dedicated to the merit of certain people – may Hashem help them do well! Our previous post discussed women riders and drivers in the context of rental animals and vehicles; this post considers the propriety of women driving in general. A recent C-SPAN Q&A: Saudi Arabian women’s rights activist Manal Al-Sharif talks […]

Caveat Nubere

At the end of the previous post, we broached the question of whether a spouse’s failure to disclose his or her status as a convert or recent descendant of one to the other spouse prior to marriage would be grounds for a claim of מקח טעות. This question is raised by Rafi G. (Life in […]