Room Of One’s Own

Our previous post discussed a dispute between Rav Shlomo Yehudah Tabak and the Satmar Rav (among others) over the problem of the female gaze in general and the design of synagogue women’s sections in particular. We cited R. Tabak’s invocation of the principle of מקום הניחו לי אבותי להתגדר בו in defense of his advocacy […]

פינו במזרח, ואנחנו בסוף מערב

What are we to make of the fact that despite all our pious declarations of misery over our exile and yearning to return to ארץ ישראל, we Diaspora Jews do not generally trouble ourselves to make aliyah? Rav Ya’akov Emden indeed considers the historical Jewish indifference to ארץ ישראל grievously sinful, and the cause of […]

Alicorns and Amulets

From the NetHack Wiki: A unicorn horn (or unihorn) is an important tool for curing your adventurer. … For medical application Cures from uncursed and blessed application An uncursed or blessed unicorn horn can cure: blindness except from cream pies and venom confusion hallucination stun sickness nausea (from eating tripe/eggs) lost attribute points. Sickness is […]