Exorcising Demons From the Halachah and the Universe

It is well know that Rambam, in his יד החזקה, somehow manages to avoid codifying any halachah that is rooted in what he (and rationalists generally) consider superstitious nonsense, without directly challenging or rejecting the formulations of Hazal. The archetypal example is his treatment of a pair of sugyos (previously discussed here) that indicate that […]

Zealotry Vs. Tolerance

For Wolf2191, a staunch advocate of tolerance and humaneness1 Several months ago, we discussed Rambam’s position that Ya’akov’s excessive fearfulness of the danger posed by Esav was a character flaw. This is actually but one item in a fascinating list of purported failings on the part of Biblical figures that Rambam adduces in support of […]