Angels and Demons, Crime and Punishment

For my father, whose mention of this bit of Abravanel is always a favorite part of our Seder tradition. Angels and Demons Artscroll’s הגדה זבח פסח – Abarbanel Haggadah was lying on a table in my Shul, so I picked it up to see if and how it would present the passage in question, Rabbi […]

Basketball, Football, and Religion

While reading (h/t: ADDeRabbi) about Orthodox Jewish Israeli Division A basketball player Naama Shafir, star point guard for the University of Toledo Rockets, whose Rabbi permits her to play – but not practice – on Shabbas, and who walks to and from the stadium to do so, postpones interviews until Mozei Shabbas, and “[plays] in […]

More Paradoxical Poetry

[Our previous discussion of paradoxical poetry.] From an interview with Rav Yehudah Amital (h/t: Prof. Alan Brill): האם היתה לך נקודת משבר אמונית? אני לא יכול לדבר על נקודת משבר. אתה חי במשברים כל הזמן. אצלי כל חג זה בעיה. בשמחת תורה, לדוגמא, דיברתי בישיבה על השואה, לא יכולתי לעבור שמחת תורה בלי השואה. אני […]