Character Assassination III

We have been discussing (part I, part II) Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein’s position that one who destroys another’s career via false slander must compensate the victim for all his future loss of income; one further source that provides some support for such an obligation is an idea attributed to Rav Meir (Maharam) of Rothenberg by several […]

Character Assassination II

We recently broached the case of one who destroyed the career of a Sofer Stam via false slander, noting that there is actually a fair amount of Halachic case law precisely on point here. As we shall show in this post, the consensus, if not quite unanimous, view is that although the slanderer has certainly […]

First, Do No Harm

I recently recorded a lecture, and published an article, on the Halachah of malpractice; as usual, both are available, along with my lecture notes, at the Internet Archive. The former covers both general malpractice as well as medical malpractice in particular, while the latter is limited to the latter; both focus primarily on the native […]